Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mid-week blues

It's the middle of the week and things have been going so so. Attended a conference for entrepreneurs yesterday at the National Theatre where Kweku Sintim-Misa, Chinery-Hesse and Dr. Mensa Otabil spoke on entrepreneurial dedication in an information-based society.

Don't we hear it all the time? My high point of the day was getting the venue wrong and having to go on the back of a free trip off a photographer who saw me carrying my own camera. I had taken a taxi with my last dough to the Conference Centre only to find that I had gotten wrong info. The photographer colleague then helped me across to the ok venue. Thats what I call trade benefits.

My embarrassment was just veiled under a veneer of confidence. Deep inside I was seething. How can one spend his last kish and still go the wrong way? Beats me.

Will be going back there today as I got a call by the organisers to come handle their photo shoot.

Been broke this week, this should bring a little respite...

Peace out for now.

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