Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Re: Still on Obama

I got a well worded response from a certain Turbo Abolade (with no forwarding address) criticizing my post on Sen. Barack Obama. He/she made some really scathing remarks about my person that I would like to address in the open through another post even as s/he claimed I might not be bold enough to publish their response. I have allowed the comment and have also made to place it alongside my post so that everyone who cares to can read it. So I will go ahead to address all the issues that s/he has raised one after the other like a serious person, which I have tried not to be if they had decided to read the text under my profile photo on the right hand of this page. So let's set off:

1. I have never given off the idea about my religion and so for me to be refered to as one is out of the question.

2. I never refered to Mrs Clinton anywhere in my posts for it to be insinuated that I am a player hater who would have prefered Mrs Clinton as the DNC candidate. Maybe s/he was refering to the fact that Mrs Clinton is a known person because I refered to Obama as an unknown quantity, perhaps.

3. I never said Obama is a dirty politician. He respects other people and that's how come he's gotten this far.

4. I never refered to him as not campaigning on the message of hope because if there's anything the people need, it's more hope.

5. I never refered to Obama's status as an orphan as his reason for being the anti-Christ. If I had done so it'd have amounted to calling my own father an anti-Christ for he was an orphan at an early age.

6. I never refered to Theology and was only talking about pop/folk culture. And I'm sure I never resorted to personal insults.

7. And I am bold enough to publish your comment, are you disappointed?

If I wrote anything you don't like about Sen. Obama, I'm sure you know it's a free world where I am allowed to express or misexpress myself. I think you should have just overlooked the issue because there was really nothing meant. It was just the thoughts of an unserious writer like you must have read on the right hand side of this page, if you had cared to.

Have a nice day and vote for our man Obama.

Yes we can!!!

I'm not sure if you are a Christian or not but making such a conclusion about Obama without any proof is blackmailing which in fact is a sin.

You might have your suspicions but I guess you are one of those who badly wanted the messiah, Mrs Cliton and are too disappointed to believe an obscure rival emerged as the presumptive nominee. Shame on you!

The fact remains that this guy has not played any major dirty games usually associated with politicians when campaigning. He respects his oppositions and does not resort to name calling.

All he has done so far is to campaign on hope, which many people believe in and he certainly has done a good job so far.

If your point is right then all orphans are anti-Christ(???). Go and check out history and you will find out that in fact most of the successful achievers/inventors where orphans or at least one of their parents was deceased.

You might need to get your head checked out as your point has no substance. Perhaps, you need to review your theology and be sure you are not being misled when in fact you think you are intelligent, but I can confirm to you you aint intellient at all.

Nt sure you'll be bold enough to publish this...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Of football fans, fanaticism and idolatry

I have decided to remove the logo of Arsenal FC that I displayed on my phone's screen. Why? I have realised that so many people carry logos of their favourite football teams and bandy it about like something which is fast amounting to idolatry. Hence, no more for me the fanaticism that's the trend these days. Even though I will always support my team, I no longer want to carry their logo on my phone.

What could be more dangerous than the collective admiration and worship of symbols that are fleeting? How many of us carry God on our phones? But it is easier to display the logo of Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool on our phones? We just might be drifting into the worship of football teams, footballers and all without knowing.

God help us.

Weekend blues

Have you ever had the feeling that going into the weekend would be great for you only to return to the office on Monday morning realising that you didn't achieve what you had set out to?

I'm back in the office this morning and I feel as if the weekend just went without any major achievement. There was no highlight for me and all the work I took home last Friday hoping to thrash out are yet to be done.

Is it me or does it happen to everybody? I wish I could reverse the time, mais non!

Have a great week.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still on Obama

Yes still on the Obama conspiracy theory, I believe that Obama could be the anti-Christ because:

Think about it, where are his parents? They are both dead. Conspiracy theory 1 says get rid of the birth parents before the subject comes into limelight so that no immediate relative can identify if their child has been switched, according to Robert Ludlum The Matarese Circle

If you don't believe me, keep a date with me soon as I make to unearth more earth-shattering revelations about our man Obama.

Don't forget:

Vote for Obama.

Yes we can.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

In the office today we talked about Barack Obama's speech in Germany that attracted over 200,000 admirers in Berlin and we wondered which politician in the world can attract such a massive gathering of people in one place (that is except some despots that hire crowds). It made me voice out someting that's been in the back of my mind for a long time now since this Obama-mania began.

Is Obama the anti-Christ?

With a sweet persona and mesmerising voice, Barack Obama has been able to cross boundaries like nobody else and he makes people fall in love with him so easily. He was in Jerusalem and Palestine and you could see all the leaders he's met gush with joy at meeting him. All this while coming out of seeming obscurity. And him speaking of "a new world order", he just might be the greatest man to fool the whole world.

He's just too good to be true.

One of my colleagues then retorted that he couldn't be the anti-Christ as the one prophesied will come out of the Middle East so I responded that with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, "how much Middle Easterly can one get?"

God help us.

Vote for Obama

Yes we can!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Romance in the office

I am doing a research on office romance or romance in the Nigerian work place. I am trying to gather information about whether organisations have official policies regulating how their employees conduct themselves in relationships, mainly romantic.

- Do organisations have rules governing marriage between members of staff?

- If staff are in a romantic relationship, are they required to inform their employers?

- Can married staff members work together in the same office in an organisation?

- Is a relationship between a senior official and a junior one allowed?

- Is a senior official, a woman, allowed to marry or date a younger or lower ranked male employee?

-Which are the major companies that have these all encompassing policies in place?

These and many other questions are the crux of the research I am doing for the magazine which I write for. Please if you have any information on any organisation that has official policies on relationship and/or people that have been affected by such rules, positively and otherwise, do help me with details.

You can reply to this message or send me an email: jololade002@ or oadewuyi@tellng. com

Thank you