Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still on Obama

Yes still on the Obama conspiracy theory, I believe that Obama could be the anti-Christ because:

Think about it, where are his parents? They are both dead. Conspiracy theory 1 says get rid of the birth parents before the subject comes into limelight so that no immediate relative can identify if their child has been switched, according to Robert Ludlum The Matarese Circle

If you don't believe me, keep a date with me soon as I make to unearth more earth-shattering revelations about our man Obama.

Don't forget:

Vote for Obama.

Yes we can.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure if you are a Christian or not but making such a conclusion about Obama without any proof is blackmailing which in fact is a sin.

    You might have your suspicions but I guess you are one of those who badly wanted the messiah, Mrs Cliton and are too disappointed to believe an obscure rival emerged as the presumptive nominee. Shame on you!

    The fact remains that this guy has not played any major dirty games usually associated with politicians when campaigning. He respects his oppositions and does not resort to name calling.

    All he has done so far is to campaign on hope, which many people believe in and he certainly has done a good job so far.

    If your point is right then all orphans are anti-Christ(???). Go and check out history and you will find out that in fact most of the successful achievers/inventors where orphans or at least one of their parents was deceased.

    You might need to get your head checked out as your point has no substance. Perhaps, you need to review your theology and be sure you are not being misled when in fact you think you are intelligent, but I can confirm to you you aint intellient at all.

    Nt sure you'll be bold enough to publish this...