Thursday, July 10, 2008

Romance in the office

I am doing a research on office romance or romance in the Nigerian work place. I am trying to gather information about whether organisations have official policies regulating how their employees conduct themselves in relationships, mainly romantic.

- Do organisations have rules governing marriage between members of staff?

- If staff are in a romantic relationship, are they required to inform their employers?

- Can married staff members work together in the same office in an organisation?

- Is a relationship between a senior official and a junior one allowed?

- Is a senior official, a woman, allowed to marry or date a younger or lower ranked male employee?

-Which are the major companies that have these all encompassing policies in place?

These and many other questions are the crux of the research I am doing for the magazine which I write for. Please if you have any information on any organisation that has official policies on relationship and/or people that have been affected by such rules, positively and otherwise, do help me with details.

You can reply to this message or send me an email: jololade002@ or oadewuyi@tellng. com

Thank you

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  1. I think a lot of banks no office romance policy cos they feel if the couple works in the same office, ti may encourage fraud. I think we r dealing with adults here and we shd be more interested in how they shd conduct themselves in the office during the work hours