Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Re: Still on Obama

I got a well worded response from a certain Turbo Abolade (with no forwarding address) criticizing my post on Sen. Barack Obama. He/she made some really scathing remarks about my person that I would like to address in the open through another post even as s/he claimed I might not be bold enough to publish their response. I have allowed the comment and have also made to place it alongside my post so that everyone who cares to can read it. So I will go ahead to address all the issues that s/he has raised one after the other like a serious person, which I have tried not to be if they had decided to read the text under my profile photo on the right hand of this page. So let's set off:

1. I have never given off the idea about my religion and so for me to be refered to as one is out of the question.

2. I never refered to Mrs Clinton anywhere in my posts for it to be insinuated that I am a player hater who would have prefered Mrs Clinton as the DNC candidate. Maybe s/he was refering to the fact that Mrs Clinton is a known person because I refered to Obama as an unknown quantity, perhaps.

3. I never said Obama is a dirty politician. He respects other people and that's how come he's gotten this far.

4. I never refered to him as not campaigning on the message of hope because if there's anything the people need, it's more hope.

5. I never refered to Obama's status as an orphan as his reason for being the anti-Christ. If I had done so it'd have amounted to calling my own father an anti-Christ for he was an orphan at an early age.

6. I never refered to Theology and was only talking about pop/folk culture. And I'm sure I never resorted to personal insults.

7. And I am bold enough to publish your comment, are you disappointed?

If I wrote anything you don't like about Sen. Obama, I'm sure you know it's a free world where I am allowed to express or misexpress myself. I think you should have just overlooked the issue because there was really nothing meant. It was just the thoughts of an unserious writer like you must have read on the right hand side of this page, if you had cared to.

Have a nice day and vote for our man Obama.

Yes we can!!!

I'm not sure if you are a Christian or not but making such a conclusion about Obama without any proof is blackmailing which in fact is a sin.

You might have your suspicions but I guess you are one of those who badly wanted the messiah, Mrs Cliton and are too disappointed to believe an obscure rival emerged as the presumptive nominee. Shame on you!

The fact remains that this guy has not played any major dirty games usually associated with politicians when campaigning. He respects his oppositions and does not resort to name calling.

All he has done so far is to campaign on hope, which many people believe in and he certainly has done a good job so far.

If your point is right then all orphans are anti-Christ(???). Go and check out history and you will find out that in fact most of the successful achievers/inventors where orphans or at least one of their parents was deceased.

You might need to get your head checked out as your point has no substance. Perhaps, you need to review your theology and be sure you are not being misled when in fact you think you are intelligent, but I can confirm to you you aint intellient at all.

Nt sure you'll be bold enough to publish this...


  1. Good to see my comment published and a full write up done to address my point and manner of comment. Perhaps you can give clarification of your point on anti-Christ as I dont think you've done any justice to make clear how you came to such a conclusion.

    Thankfully u aint one of those bloggers who shy away from those with different point of view.

  2. Why cant Turbo be polite in his/her comment? S/he should realise you are entitled to your opinion on yoru blog. I have being following all your write ups on Obama and I cant remember you saying anything that did not make sense or that is not objective.

    Some peeps like trouble sha. And they are sure not civilized!!!

  3. @Turbo Abolade:
    The comment you left on my blog made me know you are rooting for a fight. But no brova I am not irate. To do that is too join you in your current state of negativity. I am sure you would soon take up the blogger that left a comment for u on my blog to be polite and stop attacking people.

    Lolade made a mistake of responding to you by making a full post but I am not about to give you same pleasure. It will be time wasting.
    And anyone with no meaningful contribution to blogville or blogshere does not worth sweating for.

    All I ask is that you be polite and constructive in disagreeing with people. My prayer is that you go far in life but you have got to reshape your attitude.