Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Edem Cudjoe Dies!!!

My colleague Edem Cudjoe died suddenly this morning. He had not reported ill so it's kinda very strange to hear such news.

There had been rumours of his passing but we just dismissed it as lies "from the pits of hell" but the news has just been broken by the family and everyone in the office has suddenly grown quiet.

We had thought Edem didn't want to pick his call maybe he didn't want to come to the office or something... I had even sent him a text jokingly. It read

"Hey Edem heard you're dead is it true? Come on send God a shout out 4 me. Better get ur butt in d office now I got pages for you to lay".

See Edem was on attachment with us as a graphic designer and he was always eager to help out with the work. he would always come up to me in a funny swagger because he loved to wear baggy jeans as a hip hop adherent. He would say "Mr Lolade when are you giving me your sports stories to lay?"

I don't only write sports but he was very cool with my sports pages and even when I lazy he'd remind me about it.

"Okay Mr Lolade I'll help you lay your sports pages tomorrow" and I'll go like okay just nodding my head but not liking the intrusion.

I still don't know whether to believe it. I feel he's gonna come back tomorrow and ask for my sports pages. I need to prepare them before he returns. Sure I think he's gonna come back. He must surely come back.

Hey man it's too early to go. I can't believe it. He was so full of life. He lived rap music and with every breath he lived it. He was such a good man.

Now see how you're making all of us cry. Don't do this man. No not now.

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