Friday, August 17, 2007

C'est mon anniversaire!!!

**This is my latest photo. It was taken this morning by my colleague Mudirat.

Bonne anniversaire did I hear you say? Thank you. My birthday came early this year. I almost forgot about it until I got an early email from a university classmate yesterday evening just as I was leaving the office. Wakeel, my classmate, had sent me an email from Abuja letting me know that he appreciated my own message on his birthday last week. He in turn wrote about how we August-born folks are meant to be leaders. Great talk I must say. I've always believed that Leos are born leaders and all.

Anyway that's by the way. My first text message was from my lil' bro Lawale and I got it around 11:05 pm. It was already after midnight in Nigeria so he thought I was already in my new year.

Next was a call from Akua at about midnight. And then more SMSs from Lagos. My sisters all sent congratulatory messages and then my Mom called at about 5 a.m to pour some words of heavy prayers on me. It was refreshing getting such heavy words. Then Pamela sent a message.

And then I got a message around 6:30a.m from Sekalia who asked me to turn on the radio and listen to Atlantis FM. Immediately afterwards, the presenter, Rudy Kwakye's voice, boomed out my name in a thick Ghanaian pronunciation that if I had not been alerted, I wouldn't have believed it was me he was referring to. Anyway it was a first for me, getting congratulated on the radio and getting a song dedicated to me. I didn't get the title anyway as it was one old school song which I didn't really dig.

But it's been fun having a few friends call me. Some people who I assumed would have forgotten about me even sent messages and later called me. If I was a party person I would have said we would be hitting the dance floors tonight. But seeing that I'm tired and a little broke, I'll just sit in my house and watch TV tonight. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

But I got myself a list of things to do before I turn 28. Ten things I want to achieve when I look back next year. I'm going to write it here for you to read so you can follow up on it. And make sure you ask me about it next August.

1. Get a Masters degree
2. Get a qualification in Broadcast Journalism
3. Host my own radio show
4. Get a job with CNN as a reporter (would like to be side kicks with Christiane Amanpour or Richard Quest. I just respect them for their professionalism)
5. Write a best selling book
6. Travel around the country by road (more like on bicycle or motorbike for more adventure) and write about it. "The Adventures of Sinbad in the land of the Twis"
7. Become a top male model.
8. Become an authority on making the impossible possible.
9. Buy my own professional camera equipment.
10. Think about getting married.

Now that's a long list and I bet I can do them all before my next birthday if I set my mind to it. Well, just to lighten things up, I saw this taxi today with this legend on it: What is written is written, only not in those same words.


  1. hey john that's a long list u have b4 ur next birthday, well, what can i say? best wishes u make some of us feel as though we have no vision
    (laugh)As they say aim for the moon at worst u will get the stars or is it reverse? Bon voyage!

  2. Even though there's a lot you said about the ADB/Stanbic issue I disagree with, I am very ready to wish you all the best with your (belated) birthday, and your goals! Pretty ambitious, I must say! Wow...

    Am not sure abt Leo being born leaders, though; I think Tauruses are!:-))

  3. What is 'writting' is 'writting'...
    What is dreamed is within reach
    What is envisioned is attainable
    What is Wished in the Mind
    May the Owners of the Heavens and the Earth
    Olodumare Oga Ogo....
    Certify for Accomplishment.
    May your Wishes become Horses
    So you will Ride them to Fulfilment
    Congrats broda
    Your admirer