Friday, August 10, 2007

The English Premiership Begins Again!!!

As the Premiership returns this weekend, it brings with it plenty of excitement and nail biting suspense. As a Gunner, it is only natural that I wish Arsenal triumph. But there will be trying times in the next ten months.

I want to dedicate this to the greatest fan in the world, my friend Titi Ademola. We are on opposing sides but I acknowledge her passion for her team. Back in June, the Chelsea team was in Ghana to support some charities. Titi is so enthusiastic about her team that she made her way to the airport to catch a glimpse of the team on their arrival at the airport. Even though she isn't a journalist (she's a fasion designer), she found her way among the press corps into the VIP lounge just to get to meet her favourite players.

That process didn't work so she went to the press conference the next day. Most unaccredited journos didn't gain entrance but my friend Titi did. Such is her passion for football that she arrived earlier than usual to claim a seat. At the end of the day, she got a worthy photo time with Chelsea coach Jose 'the special one' Mourinho. What more can one say? She is the dame!

During the coming season, our interests will clash a couple of times as our teams play against one another but after the game we would share the usual banter. Such is the life of great fans.

Soccer makes Saturdays worth looking forward to again. Therefore I say, Let the games begin!

Go Gunners!!!

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