Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Big Brother Africa 2

It has begun!

Didn't catch the opening show but I've been getting a few glimpses of the show and I think it's gonna be exciting as time goes on.

I remember like yesterday when BB Nigeria held last year. It happened to create a turning point for my life.

Just a little fluttering of the wing of a butterfly and you get a massive ocean surge. Hmmmm.

Anyway I'm a sit tight and watch but not too much. Enjoy the fun folks.

Peace out on a lovely Tuesday evening.

1 comment:

  1. Bros, I read your blog today and i feel fulfilled as an African. I am always proud of the Black race but reading your blog doubled my pride as a Nigerian and an African child.

    It's to this effect one of my poems titled: The Black Pride, was published on an Internet Magazine: One Ghana, One Voice - www.oneghanaonevoice.blogspot.com

    And if I have your permission, I will be glad to send some of my pieces for publication consideration.

    Aderemi Adegbite