Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quelle est la verite? What is the truth?

The truth is that many of our men have died needlessly in the fight against Boko Haram. You do remember recently when the Army claimed that retreating from the frontlines was a tactical strategy? Lots of armoury was lost as Boko Haram took over army formations. We were told the army had no weapons to fight against Boko Haram yet we were losing ammunition and shells on a consistent basis. Even Shekau made a video displaying his looted weapons and called the Nigerian Army cowards, asking what more do they need to fight against his men when they have such a large cache.

The truth is that more than 15000 innocents have lost their lives to the politics of our war. These are men and women who have left behind orphaned children, whose ancestral homes have become nothing more than a rubble of pounded shells and broken dreams.

The truth is that our president said he underestimated the crisis until it festered and threatened to stop his re-election. Now he is moving earth and heaven to win the battle in hopes of salvaging public opinion.
The truth is that every well meaning human should see beyond this late resurgence of the Army for what it is, a play for the soul of Nigeria.

I will continue to denounce the use of Nigerian souls for poker. This is not about APC or PDP, this is about human beings, my countrymen with the same dreams and aspirations. Surely they deserve better.

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