Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So much for Teju

I saw the Teju Babyface show last night with Nasir El Rufai as guest. Nasir took a hit at the EFCC calling the body now brainless and unschooled, unlettered, etc. Harsh words you'd say but considering that the head of the now inane anti-corruption body is Farida Waziri makes that statement close to the truth.

Since Farida's ascension the EFCC has become inept and he was right in chastising it for being hauled in front of a court for a case whose law no longer exists.

However, as cool as I thought Nasir was last night, Teju had to conspire to spoil it by dishing out gifts of Loya milk cartons at the end to Nasir departing from his norm of dancing to KSA's Ojiji. The gifts were needless on screen. I know he's pandering to advertisers but it took a shine off the show that we've grown to love.

Please stop this aberration Teju otherwise you'll lose intelligent viewers.
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