Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dwindling fortunes for Goodluck Jonathan on Facebook

At a time President Goodluck Jonathan's Facebook posts used to gross an average 100,000 comments and likes. That was then. Perhaps it signified his popularity at the height of the clamour for sanity in the nation's topsy turvy political waters.

These days the once popular Facebook president averages less than 200 comments and likes per status update.

Is the President losing friends? Or are the people just tired of reading vague exposition while government gets richer by the day?

Like a friend sarcastically said, perhaps the President's followers are now learning to face their jobs, the ones he has created?
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1 comment:

  1. Your comment (or are the people just tired of reading VAGUE exposition ...) and others have the capacity to engender doubts on the credibility of the President. I wonder what we should expect from it but the crippling of trust towards leadership. Whatever you intend though, ensure it is not negatively demeaning nor value eroding.I believe comments are inspired based on several factors.
    Lets keep watching Mr. Lolade. Lets keep trusting. Lets keep praying. Become God's Pride!