Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Northern Friends of the South South

(Left:Dr Shabba Umar and Alhaji Suleiman AB Yerima, president of the group)

Attended a press briefing today by the Northern Friends of the South South, a pressure group that wants the government to pay more attention to the issues affecting the Niger Delta.

They want among other things:

-that the federal government reverse the derivation formula to 50% for the producing region to what it was back before the Civil War in 1967.
-that the fed govt pay all the funds accruing to the Delta region
-that the fed govt not relinquish the Bakassi region to Cameroun.
-that the fed govt refuse the help of the British and Americans in sending their military to the Niger Delta region knowing that force would only aggravate the situation like it has been in Iraq and Afghanistan.
-that the militants in the Niger Delta sheath their swords and embrace dialogue.
-that the Friends of the South South will continue to pursue the idea of one Nigeria and peace and unity for all.

It is interesting to note that a northern group would stand up for the people of the Niger Delta considering the fact that the North has always enjoyed the money from the Delta without feeling the pinch of environmental degradation that has almost destroyed the people there.

May we have many more groups like this that will be selfless enough to stand for other parts and ethnicities of the country other than theirs. I feel there's still hope for this country after all.

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  1. I'm shocked (public dissent is tolerated in the North). One gets the impression that the Northern elite couldn't give one kola nut for the fate of the rest of the country so long as they could get what they want.

    I'm surprised they have not been issued with a death threat for taking a non-partisan stance. I do hope they are indeed genuine, and that such sentiments spread throughout the country. What a fine example they are setting.

    There is a glimmer of hope for that country.