Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kumasi’s Best Brains Unveiled

Photo: from left Thelma Ohene Agyei, Manuel Gadogbe and Kwesi Boadu Mensah

At the recently held 41st Congregation of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, a lot of students shone like a million stars among their peers. I was there and bring you a profile of some of Ghana’s future newsmakers.
Report for STAR, Accra.

Thelma Ohene-Agyei, 22

Pharmacy First Class
In the stormy field of Pharmacy, Thelma beat all comers to the title of best Pharmacy graduate. She went on to grab the title of best graduating tudent in the College of Health Sciences.

22 year old Thelma in her own words is “not the typical smart student”. So how did she do it? She says she only studied for three hours everyday while making sure to attend all her lectures.

The beautiful cum brainy lady’s childhood ambition dream was to become an engineer like her father but decided on Pharmacy later on. An outgoing person, she never allowed her studies to get in the way of her social commitments. Her friends say she is very loyal and loves to go out.

The future for her is in the academia. She is set to do her national service as a teaching assistant at KNUST. She also wants to write.

Manuel Gadogbe, 22

Chemistry, First Class
In his valedictory speech, 22 year old Manuel Gadogbe said, “Irrespective of our class of degree let us do whole heartedly whatever we find our hands to do”.

First class graduate and best graduating student in the College of Science, Manuel is the quintessential intellectual. There were times he says he felt like giving up but always took solace in the words of his father who told him that with determination he could achieve his aim and purpose in life.

Manuel believes it is not how much one tries but how much love one puts into one’s work. He would definitely be in the academia for a long time.

Kwesi Boadu Mensah, 23
Pharmacy First class
What else could a young man ask for after bagging a first class in Pharmacy? But for Kwesi Mensah who has an elder brother that graduated with a first class in Accountancy, success means being at the very top of the pyramid. The 23 year old missed the top notch by less than three points.

He wanted to study Medicine but was offered Pharmacy instead. The lad’s life consists in books, football and more books. The next step for him now is to make money.

He is also passionate about agriculture and would want to own a big farm someday.

Naa Okailey Adamafio, 22
Pharmacy First class
Brainy. She does come in a very beautiful package too. 22 year old Naa made good of what the system threw at her and bagged herself a first class in Pharmacy. She claims prayers; hard work, discipline and determination saw her through.

The Accra born young lady has set her sights on the world and as things look, she seems destined for the top.

Albert Akpor Anteh, 23
Integrated Rural Arts & Industry, Second class upper
Suave artist Albert Anteh made hay during his sojourn at Kumasi. He set up a successful clothing design firm called 2kpin with a friend. He recounts that it was not easy combining the busy schedule of arts with business but is glad that it is now all over.

23 year old Albert has decided to defer his national service by a year to see his fashion line take proper root. The Textile major has already seen much progress in his life and would surely be a force to reckon with in future.

Samuel Annoh-Quarshie, 24
Biochemistry, Second class upper division
Confident Samuel had to stay tough and focused in his quest for ivory tower honours. He described his lowest point on campus as his second year when he thought he was going to “throw” a course having not performed up to his own high standards in the exams.

Luckily, he passed the course and is today smiling as he looks back at the tough times. Samuel hopes to get a PHD but would like to work in a multinational. He doesn’t count himself as very social. He likes to watch a lot of movies while hanging out with his girlfriend.

Oladayo Idris Bolaji, 22

Mechanical Engineering, Second class upper division

This young Nigerian brother felt strangeness when he first came to Ghana. He said he was baffled by the new culture of his host community when he arrived in Kumasi. But four years down the road, Dayo has come to cherish the beautiful experience which KNUST has given him.

He plans to go home to get a job with any of Nigeria’s several oil exploration companies.

Doreen Adoma Antwi, 22
Law Second class upper division

Newly armed with a Law degree, Doreen says her first year was the most difficult. For someone who wanted to become a newscaster, her father’s preference for Law led to a new path for her.

She says she’s now in love with her chosen field as she can count herself among the few “learned” ones in society.

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