Friday, June 1, 2007

What are they watching?

Last Sunday evening I took a stroll down the neighbouring streets to clear my head (feeling low?) for the week ahead. Sometimes one needs to get away from all human and computer contact in the quiet of the evening and hit the road to commune with that part of nature that we so often overlook.

As I stepped out in my shorts and trainers, I suddenly felt like the average obroni that prowls the street at dusk looking for God knows what. True to my thoughts, curious eyes followed my every step as I made my way through the side streets.

On passing by a neighbour’s back yard, I saw a young lady who sat by herself listening to a transistor radio. The radio blared out in French so I stopped to chat with her. I introduced myself and we quickly struck a friendship. I promised to come check on her more often so as to be able to ameliorer my French.

I then proceeded towards my goals of trekking five kiometres to keep body and mind together. As I turned a corner where a rail line crosses the street about 800 metres into my promenade, I suddenly noticed a large group of over fifty people, young and old, babies strapped on mothers’ backs, all watching a TV screen that was placed out there under the view of the moon.

I wondered what show could be on TV at that time that would draw the attention of all those people. Curiosity got the better of me so I made my way to where they were huddled together to satisfy my interest. I have realized that curiosity, like temptation, is only fulfilling when satisfied.

On approaching where the crowd stood, what I saw amazed me. Not in its origin but in its content. The crowd stood there ogling at a Nollywood movie and it seemed so moved by it. There on the screen was a young tall pretty lady dressed in a gorgeous attire begging to be accepted by this four and a half inches tall dude popularly called Aki (Chinedu Ikedieze). And the midget refused her advances citing some previous wrongs done by her.

It was interesting watching the crowd being swayed by the love story. I soon continued my walk without bothering to ask for the movie’s title because I wouldn’t be looking for it anyway. I dismissed it as pure fiction, a figment of the imagination of the screen writer.

But as I walked on, I pondered the reality of the scene in the film. Do things like that really happen? Do midgets like Aki and Pawpaw (stripped of their fame or money) find love? If they do, do they get gorgeous girls when there are taller men out there?

Do girls ever fall in love with guys the height of Aki and Pawpaw? Is love really blind? Would people like that be able to satisfy their lovers during lovemaking? Would desperation lead one into such a decision? So many questions but few answers. Think I will seek out a psychologist and ask how attraction works.
That’s just one of the things I saw during my evening stroll. Do you know of an interesting situation of the sort I described? Why not send me an email. You can also tell me about some interesting experiences you had during your stroll or jog. Readers’ rejoinders will be published.

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