Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Independence Day Ghana:Lessons For Africa

"At long last the battle is over and Ghana your beloved country is free forever", Kwame Nkrumah's Independence Day speech,March 6,1957.
Today is Ghana's 50th anniversary day.A fulfilment of the dreams of its founding fathers Nkrumah,Danquah,Obetsebi Lamptey,Ako Adjei,,the big six and according to Prez Kufuor the opposition in the First Republic among whom were Dr Busia and others.

Africa has come this far but we still have so much more to deal with even after independence for all of Africa.Speaking at the event,Messrs Obasanjo and Kufuor both revisited the moments of independence and the joys and hopes which went with it.

But were also quick to point out that the battle for independence was just the beginning as against the thought that it was the final move towards African emancipation.The battle for African emancipation had just begun after political independence but our peoples were not ready to be patient.The harsh realities of life after the departure of the colonisers brought about a lot of coups and caused many an African country to go to war.

The Cold War also saw Africa at an uneasy position.It was pitched between supporting America or the Soviets.This caused a repression for Africa and Africans.The Europeans only dealt with Africa according to what she could offer them.Africans suffered under dictators like Sese Seko,Idi Amin, etc because these leaders had become puppets in the hands of the West.

Now is the time for Africa to rise up and take her rightful place in the scheme of things.

Viva l'Afrique!!!

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