Friday, March 9, 2007

Accra's Massive Independence Street Parties

The night of Independence saw a lot of partying in Accra. People had trooped out to enjoy what is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A huge float organised by Accra's Vibe FM had a lot of hip life music stars singing to the crowd. The crowd whose figures were put at close to 10,000 packed full the Oxford Street in Osu. They turned out in the beautiful red, gold and green colours of Ghana.

I went from taking pictures to singing and simply dancing the night away. Moving from one float to the other, I was at the Vibe FM float, and then proceeded to another float that was organised by Accra's Rastafarian community. The Rasta float blared reggae tunes on its massive loud speakers. I did it with dem inna the manner of da Rastafarians.

Moving further down was a Soukous float. And here I danced to Makossa (as we usually, rather erroneously call it).

How I wished that it could continue like this every day.

In the top photo is hip life star KK Fosu wowing the crowd while I hold the Rastafarian flag alongside another reveler in the other picture.

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