Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Facebook profiles tell the story of Obama’s Inauguration


As many people worldwide watched with glee the inauguration of 44th US President Barack Obama, the world of online netizens or net citizens left their mark on the day with their profile comments. Users of the popular networking site Facebook were some of the most active. Their profiles spoke of admiration and joy to unbelief and awe.
Eric Tenin, a Paris-based photographer and founder of the online City Daily Photo website had in his profile the sentence “moved by the Obama inauguration”. He had followed the events on CNN earlier in the day. Aderemi Adegbite, a Lagos-based poet and convener of the monthly Poetry Potter was more emotional. His profile comment read “Gbabe OBAMA ni BABA. Filee! Don't touch it! Welcome OBAMA...we are proud of you!”

For Ameyaw Debrah, top celebrity journalist in Accra, Ghana, it was more down to earth as he could relate with Obama’s little glitch in his oath taking. “Obama is too much! Flops on his oath to redeem Mills and Says America must move forward...Is Obama really Not Ghanaian” Debrah asks funnily.

For others it was more of prayers. Eniola Otokiti, an Abuja based Facebook user said ''GOD SEE OBAMA THROUGH''. Kite Ade in Kent, United Kingdom wrote “GOD BLESS OBAMA AND GIVE HIM LOTS OF GODLY WISDOM ESPECIALLY AFTER TODAY”.

Many others were just awed about the moment and the importance it held in time. Tosin Adebisi in Portsmouth, England described the urgency of the moment thus by saying he was “barack-ing his way home to watch history in the making”. This writer would not be outdone as he left his own mark on the day albeit in Yoruba thus: “oju mi ti ri ogo Oluwa ninu aye Obama, Oluwa na yio se temi ni asepe ninu odun yi” meaning my eyes have beheld the glory of the Lord in Obama’s life, the Lord will also bring completion to my life this year. Simply put, young and old, black or white, we all left our beautiful remarks as memoirs for the day America got its first African-American president.

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