Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kakum National Park: Walking on a tight rope

It was literally walking on a tight rope yesterday as my friend Ayo Olojola and I visited the Kakum National Park in the Central Region of Ghana. There they have an untouched lush green tropical forest with canopy walkways high up in the trees up to 40 metres high.

Truly not for the faint hearted, we trudged on along the seven shaky canopies about ten of us in the troop led by our faithful guide Samuel Owusu. It was fun looking down from the trees but sometimes awe inspiring.

We spent about an hour and half doing the round. First was a climb up his hill to about 250 metres. It made the strongest of us short of breath. And then the walk into the trees began with Samuel elling a story or two about the medicinal uses of some of the tree barks. He reminded me of some of the quality time I spent with my Granny Abigail in the village when I was much younger.

It wasn't all about physical activity though as we made friends with some fellow trekkers like Lena and Laurie from Virginia who were on an educational trip to Ghana.

I then got me a t-shirt with my foto emblazoned on the front. It was a wow trip atleast it got my mind off the miserable performance of the Super Eagles during the Nations Cup in Ghana.

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  1. slippers lo fi gunke, Olorun yo e, o o ba subu. Bold one I look forward to doing something similar, maybe I should schedule my holidays for a period when you are in Ghana so that you can take me on the rounds.